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October 21, 2014
by Charles David Carpenter
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Playing the waiting game.


The waiting game. It is perhaps the most difficult of any engagement. Here is the unmitigated truth – time always wins. So, we wait, trying patiently to occupy our moments until we get the notes back from the beta readers on Necromancers’ Pride – Storm of Shadows. 

As writers, especially independent ones, timelines and deadlines are crucial to success. We are our own bosses, for lack of a better word.  As such, we are beholden to ourselves to keep on track and focused. The most difficult part of any endeavor is to understand and accept that not everything is in your control. So you delegate. You assign tasks to others. You wait.

Waiting is exactly what we are doing now. Of course, we want our beta readers (who are amazing, by the way) to do their job well, so we do not rush them. But, oh, how we want to. The only silver lining to this cloud is that I know D.W. is probably pulling out what hairs he has left in his head in anxious anticipation. Delegating is not the strongest of his suits. If he could wear a million hats, he gladly would (trust me, his head is big enough – it has to be to house his enormous ego).

So, this is our stage in the process. We wait with bated breath for the return of Storm of Shadows. We are anxious to get the notes, make the changes and complete the journey of bringing book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga to you.

We will have some exciting news for you soon about the release date, along with some other surprise announcements, so stay tuned. The waiting is almost over!

How do you keep yourself occupied while waiting for something you want?

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October 16, 2014
by Charles David Carpenter
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Bringing it to the Beta’s!


We are hours, mere moments, a scant accumulation of minutes away from getting book 3 in the Necromancers Pride Saga, Storm of Shadows, to our beta readers!

Yes, those brave and hearty souls who will be tasked with giving the world of Tarune a once over will soon be at it again, putting the proverbial hammer to anvil to help us forge the world we have all come to love so dearly.

D.W. and I have been editing like mad, rewriting and reshaping the world, honing it to continue the story of Corwyn and Velladriana in the strongest and tightest way possible. As such, I have been forced to spend far more time in close proximity with D.W. than any person should have to. The plus side is that we are almost done! On the negative side … well, let’s just say I have picked up some new, colorful phrases that I cannot repeat in front of my children. Such is the way of things, though. A potty mouth is a small price to pay for success.

When next I write to you, Storm of Shadows will be in the beta readers’ hands, which means it is one giant step closer to being in yours. So, with that said, I am off to finish what we have started. The world of Necromancers’ Pride awaits.

What story lines are you looking forward to reading about?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.


October 9, 2014
by Charles David Carpenter
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Who’s you favorite Character?


It is amazing how much our characters become a part of us. This became very apparent to me yesterday as D.W and I were hard at work editing book 3 of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows.

The chapter we were going over dealt with several characters we care for very deeply. So, I thought it would be nice to revisit an excerpt from book 2, Tides of War, that features them, and one in particular, our friend Harper. This did not make the final cut, but it is nice to look back and see how far the characters and story have developed.

Happy reading!


“I heard it,” Harper said.

“Came from the north, this time,” Rogen continued.

“No,” Harper stated, turning to look at Corwyn. “I think it came from her.”

The silence that followed echoed off the walls of the cave as surely as her words just had.

The snow had fallen steadily in the hours since Corwyn, Eryk and Rogen had returned from hunting Corwyn, Harper and Rogen were all gathered around the meager fire. They were chewing on the remnants of the tough, salted meats that Old Sten had packed for them prior to leaving the Skinners’ Outpost. Velladriana was sleeping in her bedroll along the cave’s rear wall, wrapped in her thick cloak. It was Eryk’s turn to keep watch, so he was positioned out amongst the trees that hid the entrance.

“If you don’t mind going over it once more, Harper. I am just trying to understand,” Corwyn said.

“So am I,” Harper responded. “It is as strange for me to explain as it was for me to witness.” She took a deep breath. “You had all been gone for at least two or three hours, as best I could tell, and everything was normal. Velladriana was actually being a bit talkative, which as you know, is a rather big deal.”

Corwyn nodded. He knew it was, indeed.

“Then, she suddenly grew silent. Which in and of itself was not odd, I just thought she had finished speaking, since she is given to abruptly stop. Then she began to mumble. I looked at her, and … her eyes, she had a distant, vacuous look in her eyes.”

“That was when the mumbling got louder,” Corwyn interjected, trying to help her by adding details she had already shared.

“Yes, louder and clearer. She was saying, ‘Stop them. Stop them,’ over and over. Then, and this is where it really became strange, her eyes glazed over, becoming virtually white.”

“And she began chanting,” Rogen added.

“Chanting and gesturing, yes. Her arms wide in the air. She was speaking in a tongue that was foreign to me. She started to shake. I went over to her, but after hearing what happened to you when you touched her back at the Post, I opted not to touch her.”

“A wise choice,” Corwyn said. When last he had endeavored to touch Velladriana in a trancelike state, he was nearly thrown through a wall.

“So, she was chanting and shaking,” Haprer continued,  “perspiring as if she had run the entire length of Bronell’s Ridge. And that is when … the thunder rolled.”

 Necromancers’ Pride ~ (deleted excerpt)

October 7, 2014
by Charles David Carpenter
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New flyer, your thoughts?

NP club flyer High Quality Print

Look at that FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, EXCELLENT, BRILLIANT, ok I will stop, new flyer. What are your thoughts?

With our third book Necromancers’ Pride – Storm of Shadows due out next month, our marketing is going into full swing.

Both in the world of Tarune and here at home, exciting revelations and surprises await you. In the weeks to come, we will be introducing some amazing additions that will bring the adventures of Corwyn, Velladriana and the companions to you like never before! We cannot wait to share them with you.

On a side note, we are about a week away from the BETA READER portion of this adventure. If you or anyone you know would like to read Storm of Shadows before we finalize the book, please contact us and let us know.

If you haven’t picked up your digital or hard copy of Quest of Elderstone or Tides of War, they are waiting for you at Amazon. And remember to WRITE a review. PLEASE!

In the meantime, tell anyone who will listen, how a couple of YOUR friends took an IDEA/DREAM they had and turned it into ACTION.


October 2, 2014
by Charles David Carpenter
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BETA READER’S get ready!


Edits, drafts, rewrites and more drafts. That is right, fellow readers, book 3 of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows is now into rewrite mode!!! Next step, Beta Readers wanted. Yup, we are almost there. Sooooooo exciting.

It has been an incredible journey, thus far, in creating and building the world of Tarune. Reviews are coming in, and people are falling in love with the world, its locales and its characters. D.W. and I are driven to make book 3 the best we can. To that end, we are heading back to work. As I said earlier, the rewriting fun is underway.

However, building the world forward has made me nostalgic for the past. As such, I wanted to present to you an excerpt from book 1, Quest for Elderstone. After all, you can never move forward, if you don’t take them time to appreciate where you’ve been. Happy reading.


The usage of magic was strictly prohibited in the Weaver’ Guild.  Even the slightest inkling of magical ability was cause for immediate dismissal.  Weavers felt that the Schools of the Magi held too much influence on those who possessed magical abilities.  If the Magi learned how to sing the wind, what use would there be for Weavers, outside of being entertainers?  The Weavers held their skills as closely kept as did any of the Strands of the Magi.

That had been one of the reasons that she had left the Guild so abruptly, faking delusions and insanity.  If people thought her eccentric, they tended to leave her alone.  She was alone now, alone to practice her magics without fear of discovery.  With a touch of melancholy, she wondered how all those she had cut out of her life had faired in theirs.  

She laughed, in spite of herself, shaking away the doldrums.  She had chosen this life.  It was hers now.  Listless thoughts about the life she had left behind truly were the grumblings of a delusional old hag.  Well, if I am insane, She thought, smiling.  At least I am too crazy to know it.  

Necromancers’ Pride ~ Quest for Elderstone

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